Wednesday, May 24, 2017

CWR Blog Subscribers - Renew Subscription for Additional FREE Resources

With many thanks to subscribers of the CWR Blog, we have now moved the CWR blog to a new homepage HERE.   

The content will be duplicated at both sites for a time, but if you are a blog subscriber, we invite you to renew your subscription HERE.

We didn't feel right about transferring your subscription without permission but thought you'd like an invitation. We hope you'll go for it.

The reason for that is that subscriptions at the new site include a weekly PTM email update. These weekly updates include links to the following resources:
• Christianity Without the Religion Magazine: Enjoy a spiritual feast in the latest issue of CWR magazine. 
• Plain Truth Magazine: Read the latest issue of the award-winning Plain Truth! 
• PTM Partner Letter: Be uplifted and spiritually nourished by this month's inspirational Partner letter. 
• Online Resources: Read and enjoy a wide variety of helpful online resources. 
• Books from CWRpress: Take a look at the books now available from CWRpress— an imprint of Plain Truth Ministries. 
• CWR Bible Survey: This Bible study/devotional is a resource designed to help you learn about the contents of the Bible. 
• Christianity Without the Religion Audio: This week's timely and relevant sermon by Greg Albrecht. 
• Front Page: Click here to enjoy compelling food for thought—new items posted weekly. 
• CWR Blog: Find out what's new this week at our CWR Blog, hosted by Brad Jersak. 
All this and much more is available at our website this week—click the links above to join us!