Tuesday, October 18, 2016

3 Things to Teach Children about the Cross - Brad Jersak

What is God like? 
Jesus showed us! 
In every Gospel story, 
Jesus showed us what God is like, 
Because Jesus is "God with us." 
What did Jesus show us about God? 
That God is perfect love! 
That God loves us! 

This is the intro to our new children’s book, Jesus Showed UsThe book is a series of sixteen gospel pictures (inspired by the child-friendly Coptic iconography of the persecuted church in Egypt). In each case, the artwork portrays Christ demonstrating the truth that God is love.
We created this book for children because so many children grow up afraid of God and alienated from God, some because of abuse, others because of the brand of gospel well-meaning Christian parents and teachers shared with them. Otherwise healthy and well-loved children often suffer spiritual and emotional damage due to the distorted images of God presented in their early religious education.
This is especially true in what we tell children about the meaning of the Cross.

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