Sunday, January 17, 2016

Stop Trying to Get Saved - Greg Albrecht

Are you saved, brother?” the earnest young man asked me. He continued, “If you’re not saved, you need to get saved.” I responded to him, “Before I reply, may I ask you what it is you believe I need to be saved from?” The young man didn’t miss a beat (as I suspected he wouldn’t) and immediately rattled off the stock answer he’d been taught. 

The young evangelist wanted me to get saved so he could save another soul from the eternal torment of the fires of hell. He told me I needed to get saved from my sins so I would not go to hell. So I asked, “Let me get this straight. I need to get saved from my sins so I won’t go to hell?” “Exactly,” he said. Locking eyes with him, I evangelized the young evangelist. 

“So, it seems to me that you believe the primary reason I need to get saved is to avoid the pain and anguish of eternal torment. Further, if I get what you’re saying and why you’re saying it, if I get saved, you will have saved me from eternal torture in hell. It seems to me that your definition of getting saved is all about what you and I do, or fail to do.”

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