Friday, June 2, 2017

Does God Do Whatever He Wants because He is God? Ken Tanner

I frequently run into the argument that God can do whatever he wants because he is God.

Partnered with this assertion is often an accusation that human “sensibilities” about what is right and wrong are not the same as God’s—that his ways are higher than our ways—as a defense for God behaving in ways that we would otherwise call sociopathic in humans.

Christians believe we know what we know about evil because of what is revealed about God in Jesus Christ *and* by what is inherent in humanity, owing to our being fashioned in the image of God. This image is broken in us but not eradicated or absent, even in the “worst” of us.

And above and far beyond this there is now in Jesus Christ a human life that embodies all that God intended for our race, and his brilliant life—not mankind’s broken collective aspirations about the good!—is now the foundation, the *human* measure of what is good and what is evil.

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