Saturday, January 14, 2017

Silence: A Gut-Wrenching Look at Faith - Zack Hunt

The early 20th century French Catholic philosopher Jacques Maritain once wrote, “If you want to make a Christian work, then be Christian, and simply try to make a beautiful work, into which your heart will pass; do not try to ‘make Christian.'”
As you are well aware, there is an entire genre of films known as “Christian movies” that has exploded in recent years as the ability to make a polished, Hollywood looking film (and the ability to turn a profit) has become easier. As you are also no doubt aware, many of these films belong on the rubbish heap of film history. From the writing to the acting and virtually everything in-between, they are objectively terrible to anyone not convinced that a movie made by Christians must be an overt, artistry-be-damned attempt to proselytize the lost who may on some off chance be watching the film.