Monday, August 10, 2015

I used to think God wanted a lot from me - Sarah Bessey

God wants so much from me.
What should I give up? What should I lay down? What should I do more?
I need to read the Bible more. I need to pray more. I need to give away more of my money, more of my time, more of my home.
If I really loved, God wouldn’t I be more like so-and-so? That one really has it figured out.
I should really volunteer at church more, lead a Bible study, organize something for the homeless. I’m the worst at this Jesus stuff. I should really be doing more for God! It’s so demanding, it takes everything EVERYTHING. Jesus laid down his life for you, you should return the favour.
Don’t you just feel so much more holy when you’re sacrificing everything on the altar of doing more for God? We like to feel like we’ve earned something. Who wants a free gift – those come with strings attached, right?