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When Religious Leaders Make Money from Impossible Promises: Chasing 120 - Monte Wolverton

Pasadena, CA, October 1, 2014 – We see them on TV; dressed in impeccably-cut suits, with a picture-perfect smile and a never-ending supply of smooth rhetoric. Dr. Tyler Belknap is the epitome of a charismatic, fast-talking preacher who has convinced his cult-like following that, with the help of his Bible-based program, they will enrich their lives with maximum health and longevity.

Belknap is the lead protagonist in Monte Wolverton's newly-released debut book, Chasing 120: A Story of Food, Faith, Fraud and the Pursuit of Longevity - a story of intrigue and truths and a remarkable tale of what can happen to people's dreams when they put their faith in a high-profile religious leader rather than God.

From his vast Oregon-based Wellness 120 empire, Tyler Belknap charms and targets Christian consumers, influencing them to dig deep into their pockets – enticing them with Biblical-sounding promises of a healthier life following his recommended regimen. While some believe their health is improved, others suffer serious side effects after taking his specially formulated supplements and GMO's that are developed in a secret underground research facility in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. But this does not deter Dr. Belknap who keeps this information from the public by bribing city officials and politicians – and who will stop at nothing to keep whistleblowers at bay.
But as much as the fast-talking Belknap would like his followers to stay in a state of confusion, he's not able to keep the negative effects of GMO's from hitting the news and the public eye. People hear that results from studies done on lab animals cite serious findings, such as, organ damage, immune system disorders, infertility - and yes, aging! Ironically, the polar opposite of Belknap's claims of longevity!

Since the truth eventually finds its way to the surface, readers learn that a Belknap employee and his wife find themselves at the center of a huge crisis when it's discovered their son developed brain damage from one of the substance-laced foods. As their fragile house of cards begins to topple, they are forced to admit that the leader they have long admired is, in fact, a crook!

About the Author
Monte Wolverton celebrates life through his creative talents as a designer, artist, cartoonist and writer. Formerly the managing editor and design director for Plain Truth magazine, his editorial cartoons are internationally syndicated. Wolverton is an ordained minister and holds a MA from Goddard College in Vermont. He resides in Vancouver, Washington.

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Chasing 120 – A Story of Food, Faith, Fraud and the Pursuit of Longevity

By Monte Wolverton
Publisher: Plain Truth Ministries
ISBN-13: 978-1-889973-15-9

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